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Chew and Treat Balls

UK supplier of specific treat balls. Shipped directly from our distributors to you providing the best cost.

Dog Treat Balls for different sizes

From Small to Large

We have two dogs, Jesse & Obi, and we know how hard it is to get the right toys to keep them entertained, lasts a long time and is safe! That's why Doogle Store was created. Our indestructible treat balls worked perfected for keeping our reactive Jesse busy and our energetic Obi occupied. We love our dogs and love seeing them live their best life.

🐶 Dog Tug, Pull, and Slow Feeder Toy 🐾

Unleash the ultimate fun with our suction cap ball or oval tug toy - perfect for playful pups and elder dogs alike! 🎉

  • 🔔 Choose one with a bell to keep your dog fascinated or one without! 🔕

Why Choose This Toy?

We know dogs LOVE tug of war. Every dog has a natural penchant for a good old game of tug of war. Our toy takes this beloved game to the next level. Rooted firmly to the ground with a sturdy suction cup, the attached rope and chew toy dares your furry friend to give it a mighty pull. But that's not all - this toy doubles up as a slow feeder, inviting you to place some treats within. As your dog plays, not only do they enjoy a tasty reward, but the toy design aids in cleaning their teeth.

Whether it's to burn off some pent-up energy, provide mental stimulation, or ease the trials of separation training, this toy is your go-to solution. Built to last, our toy is both safe and durable, making it suitable for dogs of all ages. The added benefit? It's a breeze to clean! 🧽

Durable treat balls for different dog sizes

Obi loves..being Obi! Our gorgeous bernedoodle who needs toys, SAFE chews and lots of dog interaction.

Shipping & Costs

Transparency is important to us!

To provide you the best price, we mainly ship our products directly from distributors to you. However, we also do in some occasions stock products in-house.

This means we have two types of shipping and costs:

  • Distributor Shipping:
    When shipping directly from our distributors, shipping time may be around 12 working days from order to delivery. If the product is shipped from the distributor, you will be advised of this in the product description. It will be free shipping unless otherwise advised.
  • In-house Shipping:
    When we store products in-house, shipping will take approximately 3-5 days. Shipping costs will be £2.99 for items up to 0.5kg.

Meet Jesse. Jesse, meet everyone online!

Jesse is our beautiful White German Shepherd. She's a right pain, but the most beautiful and caring dog (once she lets you meet her). She's reactive, protective and.. well a GSD.

The reason we want you to meet Jesse is to share more about the trials and tribulations living with this incredible (incredibly painful) dog and how these treats and toys help live her best life.